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Your upcoming trade show or presentation is sure to benefit from one thing–better display. This comes from having Plasma and LCD Displays at vantage points of your venue so that no matter where your audience is, they get a full view of you and your presentation.

Products on Offer

If it’s an LCD monitor you want for that important corporate meeting, come to us. We offer rentals on our entire range of high-end Plasma and LCD Display models that will answer your event’s needs. They have the perfect look for presentations, so you won’t be embarrassed by what you have. You may need just one monitor or several, we can provide you with the best in service and products.

You can depend on us for products from the stable of Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung and NEC, so you know you’re getting quality products when you come to us for rentals.

Our plasma screens are available in these sizes:
42” for exhibition stands
50” for presentations to audiences of +-20 people
60” for presentations to audiences of +- 50 people

Along with our quality products, you also get the benefit of a display and delivery by our experienced staff so that your event is a sure shot success. And yes, don’t forget that our display monitors are usually configured with your laptop, DVD player, or MAC.

Advice: Our Quality Add-On

If you’re not sure of the kind of Display you want to rent from us, don’t walk away. Stop by and speak to our experts in our A-V department. Give them details of your event and the venue it’s going to be at, and let them advise you on the most appropriate equipment to hire. Just give us a call on 0203 4326396 and get the best advice.

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