Mini Series P3 Pixel Pitch INDOOR

MN37S P3.75 indoor stage rental LED Display

We would like to introduce our newest addition, our remarkable LED screen. Which is available for all types of events.
The LED screen has proven to be versatile and due to its light weight nature, we are able to float, mount and fly this screen. This screen has a 3.75 pitch, which makes it ideal for viewing from both short and far distances.
Our LED Video Screen can divide complete images into several blocks or achieve a large dynamic screen with multiple ordinary video units, which can realize the overlay of image-texts, close-up of figures, scrolling of texts, horizontal and vertical movement etc.

With its light weight, fast installation/ dismantlement, easy maintenance features, it is found that the LED video screens are widely used in large entertainment venues and in big events. Additional benefits of this screen include, the ability to be divided into dangling screen, floor standing screen and a floating screen.
The LED Screen also permits all inputs, ranging from digital and analogue as well as being able to integrate with all other screens and displays, which may be in use at your event.
graph p3


  • one
    Cabinet weight is only 8.3 kg, depth 73 mm, decreasing the transportation
    cost and the intensity of labor.
  • two
    Super thin power supply inside; Quiet fan design, excellent heat dissipation, noiseless.
  • three
    Refresh rate>800HZ, 2 times higher than the regular screen, suitable for the rental occasion which requires much more higher display capability.
  • four
    Super-light aluminium alloy connectors are durable and artistic.
  • five
    Signal & power aviation connectors are water & dust proof, stable and reliable.
  • six
    Cushion under the cabinet can protect the modules from being damaged.

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