LED Video Walls

Using LED video wall enable you to deliver high impact imaginative solutions, engaging customers and enhancing audience experience whatever the event. Our LED display systems will give you the sharpest and brightest images possible even in daylight. They also have the advantage of providing the widest possible viewing angle, so your audience can see the display clearly without having to be face-on to the screens.

Introducing a huge range of LED Video walls to the market, here at Pixels London we currently stock a number of different LED Video wall systems, ranging from P3 Pixel Pitch being highly recommended for indoor use and P10 Pixel Pitch for outdoor events.

Depending on your type of event and budget, here at Pixels London we are able to provide you with an extremely flexible and scalable solution. All LED Video wall systems are modular based and are available in different Pixel Pitches.

Led Video wall

Mini Series P3 Pixel Pitch INDOOR

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Led video wall

Dazzle Series P5.952Pixel Pitch INDOOR

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Led video wall

Flexiplay P10 Pixel Pitch INDOOR & OUTDOOR

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