Flexplay Series

CE,EMC Certify

Outdoor Rental Flexible Curve LED Curtain

It is an innovative see through led curtain display with latest led technology. Creative build-in self curve structure, allowing flexible curve shape forming for the eye catching visual effect. Can be used for outdoor rental with 5000nits + brightness and IP65 rating. Easy forming 16:9 ration with the dimension of 800mm(W) x 900 mm(H)
Black and light absorb mask, super high contrast ratio and having a Fast maintenance of changing module, each module is water-proof individually
CE/EMC Certify


Self Curve Structure Design

  • Four built-in angles allows convex & concave shaping
  • F Degree scale for exact connection and perfectly match
  • F Max curve angle: 30°
  • FEasy for curve shape forming
  • F 6 panels for a circle shape
  • Fconcave & Convex looking
  • Specifications

    Reliable & fast locking system
    self-curved design
    super high contrast ratio


Applying original South co latches for the reliable and convenient connection between panels


Horizontal: 160
Vertical: 160


Pixel Pitch 10mm
LED Configuration SMD3535
Pixel Density 10000/m2
Module Size 300×200
Module Resolution 30×20
Unit Size 800*900
Unit Pixel 80×90
Scan Mode 01-Apr
Brightness ≥5000CD
Pixel Pitch 10mm
Gray Scale 14 bit
Refresh Frequency 2000
Power Consumption 450/150
Unit Weight 20Kg
Transparency 21%
IP(Front / Back) IP65/IP54
Curved Angle ±30°
Viewing Angle 160°/160°